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An Autistic-led service and advocacy organisation, based in Sydney, Australia.

The Autistic Self-Advocacy Network of Australia and New Zealand, an all-Autistic systemic advocacy organisation.

An Autistic-led advocacy and support organisation for Autistic women, trans and nonbinary people, and people of all other marginalised genders. 

An all-Autistic systemic advocacy organisation based in the United States. 

An Autistic-led organisation providing mentoring programs for Autistic young people. Based in Victoria, Australia. 

An Autistic-led organisation providing support and social events for Autistic girls and women.  Based in Australia. 

The Cooperative Research Centre for Living with Autism, an autism research organisation based in Australia.

Autistic academics
Autistic academics

The website of Dr Nick Walker, a queer Autistic scholar based in California, United States. 

A blog authored by Autistic psychologist Dr Erin Bulluss and Autistic academic Abby Sesterka, published by the website and magazine Psychology Today

The website and blog of Patrick Davis, an Autistic graduate student based in California, United States. 

The website and blog of Dr Robert Chapman, a neurodivergent academic based in Bristol, United Kingdom. 

The website of Dr Wenn Lawson, a trans Autistic psychologist, consultant, and academic, based in Victoria, Australia. 

The website and blog of Dr Emma Goodall, an Autistic educator, consultant, and academic based in South Australia.

The website and blog of Dr Damian Milton, an Autistic consultant and academic based in Kent, United Kingdom.

Autistic advocates and activists
Autistic advocates and activists

The website and blog of Autistic advocate Michelle Swan. 

The website and blog of Kassiane Asasumasu (also known as Neurodivergent K), a multiply neurodivergent activist. 

The website and blog of Autistic activist Lydia X. Z. Brown. 

The website of non-speaking Autistic advocate and TEDx presenter Tim Chan. 

The website of Autistic advocate Morénike Giwa Onaiwu. 

The website and blog of Autistic author and advocate Maxfield Sparrow. 

The website and blog of non-speaking Autistic author and advocate Ido Kedar.

Other resources, blogs, and websites
Other resources, blogs, and websites

An autism news and resource website edited by Autistic and otherwise neurodivergent people and allies. 

A website highlighting the experiences of racialised (Black and Brown) Autistic people. 

A website and blog focused on parenting neurodivergent children, authored by a group of Autistic and otherwise neurodivergent parents.

The website and blog of a community group that supports parents raising Autistic children. 

A blog written by Jess, the non-autistic mother and ally of a young Autistic woman. 

A website featuring the insights of Autistic writers and allies, with articles, resources, and media on a wide range of autism-relevant topics. 

The website and blog of late-diagnosed Autistic woman Cynthia Kim. 

*Please note that this blog was last active a number of years ago, prior to the allegations of Asperger's involvement with Nazism. I don't support the use of the outdated diagnostic term in this blog's name, but I do think that the contents of the blog are a valuable resource.

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